ClayTrader Mail: Penny Stock Gambling

Mario Sanchez/ December 15, 2018/ Casino News

Have you ever had anybody imply that you’re an idiot, imply that you’re a gambler because you are playing at online casino Canada, imply that you’re being unwise because you tell them that you trade? Whether that’s trade stocks, bonds, futures. Just oh you’re a trader. Oh the stock. Oh. Well this is the kind of stuff that people see

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10 Most Famous Casino Mysteries That are Still Unsolved

Mario Sanchez/ November 18, 2018/ Cruise Ship and Casino

10 The Bill Brennan Heist In the popular movie Ocean’s Eleven, a large group of thieves orchestrate a complicated heist in which they steal millions of dollars from a casino. In real life, it’s insanely difficult to rob a casino because of their many layers of security. However, one of the few successful real-life casino heists was remarkably simple.For four

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Everything About Video Poker Games

Mario Sanchez/ August 25, 2018/ Cruise Ship and Casino

Apart from typical gambling casinos offered ashore, online casinos New Zealand are among the most popular in the US so if you’re curious in gambling on board, you most certainly can and at the same time have your vacation too. That is if you intend on booking an extended cruise which will in most cases go for longer than three

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Playing Craps For The First Time

Mario Sanchez/ August 12, 2018/ Craps Rules

If you are a little nervous about approaching the craps table, like I was for the first time, this is the video for you. I’ll let you know what to expect, so you can play like a pro. My name is Jeremy, thanks for joining me today. Lets get rolling Intro First pick a casino, maybe there is one close

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Roulette Online – Roulette Rules and Strategy

Mario Sanchez/ July 29, 2018/ Cruise Ship and Casino, Roulette

Apart from some of the different gambling facilities offered ashore, floating casinos are some of the most popular in the US so if you feel like about gambling aboard a ship, you most certainly can and at the same time enjoy a vacation at the same time. That is if you intend on a long cruise which are trips that

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Slots Tutorial: The rate of wins on multi-line slot machines.

Mario Sanchez/ July 19, 2018/ Blogging

> DR. HARRIGAN: This is a slot machine game called Moneystorm. It’s a popular game in Ontario. It’s a multiline game. What that means: you can wager on one line, or multiple lines. If you’re wagering on one line, it’s just the middle line, which normally means you need two or three symbols starting from the left before you can

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Royal Flush at the 2016 PCA – Huge Three-Way Pot

Mario Sanchez/ April 23, 2018/ Poker Tournament

So 31 remain here on day four of the pokerstars PCA 2016 main event. Getting to the business end. There’s no such thing as an actual business end to anything, though. Like a broom doesn’t have a– no, it doesn’t matter. I guess the brushy bit is the business end because it gets the business done. Right. But where did

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