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Mario Sanchez/ December 15, 2018/ Casino News

Have you ever had anybody imply that you’re an idiot, imply that you’re a gambler because you are playing at online casino Canada, imply that you’re being unwise because you tell them that you trade? Whether that’s trade stocks, bonds, futures. Just oh you’re a trader. Oh the stock. Oh. Well this is the kind of stuff that people see or hear about.

Or just through the grapevine. That gives us all a bad name. And this goes without saying don’t do this. This is not what the market’s intended for. Maybe I just need to rant a little bit for this video.

But, maybe you’re somebody that’s new. So I suppose there is an educational perspective here from the sense of I’m not quite sure. Is trading gambling? Is trading just very unwise? Well, I don’t know. If you’ve heard of instances like this, I assure you, they do exist.

Hence the example. But there are many of us out there that actually would never do this and would look at this and say that is wrong. That is silly.

That is extremely unwise. So I mean for those of you out there, I assure you trading can be done properly but yeah, these examples exist out there and I’ll just throw it out there just in case you’re not aware, but yeah, don’t do this, okay? Don’t do this. But let’s get to this exchange that comes via YouTube comments, alright. First off, I apologize if I stumble through this. Grammar is lacking here, but here we go.

This person says I feel bad if I lose 50 bucks but then again, I only gave myself 300 bucks play with for all year with penny stocks. I just keep an eye on them and by someone they hit all bottom and low. After doing research and seeing if like you know the earning reports maybe coming closer or junk with a Hail Mary and margarita. Okay that was really hard to get through but point being, he doesn’t like losing 50 bucks but he’s only got 300 dollars to kind of play with and he’s talking about Hail Mary’s and margaritas. So, I think we’d all agree not very much structure here. In fact, this is not trading at all because true trading has plans.

True trading has structure so here’s my response to them. So you’re gambling and not trading. As long as you’re cool with that, then I give you all the credit in the world. It’s much cheaper to do what you’re doing rather than to pay for a plane ticket to Las Vegas. So this person says back yeah that’s the way I look at it because I don’t have enough knowledge about the stocks to do it seriously with thousands of dollars, but I play with penny stocks.

Keep myself entertained because I have a nine month old daughter and another one on the way. Do you see what drives me nuts? Do you see what just gives us all such a terrible name? The guy’s got a nine month old daughter and another kid on the way and here he is spending money in penny stocks to keep himself entertained.

I mean why don’t you use that money for something a little bit more productive? Why are you gambling exactly when you have a nine month old and another kid on the way? It’s only 300 dollars.

If he only has 300 dollars to do this with, I assure you I’m guessing his personal financial situation is not really justifying him treating this money the way it is and who cares at the end of the day? His words, not mine. He doesn’t have enough knowledge but I’m still gonna use money. I don’t really need to say anything more. This is a really bad situation.

And I hope. I doubt this person will ever watch this video but if you do, come on man. You got kids on the way, you got a family, why are you acting like a degenerate gambler in the markets? That’s not wise and who knows what external people are observing and if they know what you’re doing. Who knows, maybe you’re doing this behind closed doors because you know it’s silly and you don’t want other people to know.

But if you think it’s okay and other people are observing, they’re observing and thinking the same thing I am and they are also thinking wow. Trading the stock market, all that stuff, that’s risky. You should not be doing this because you are gonna lose your money. There’s no doubt about that. It’s just a matter of time and then those people are gonna look at us and think that were a bunch of gamblers and all that other stuff. I mean not that it really matters because at the end of the day, if you know how to do it right then who really cares what other people think.

But, I realize that’s an oxymoron because here I am complaining about other people. But like I said, I admit it. It drives me nuts.

It’s a pet peeve of mine when people give us serious traders a bad name. So for those of you that are wondering, I assure you that it can be like this but this is not the normal. Well, I mean maybe it is more like the normal but let me phrase it this way. There is definitely a way.

There is definitely a path that you can go down that treats trading as a business. That doesn’t treat it as a casino. That doesn’t treat it as well you know what, It’s only 300 bucks so I’m gonna have some fun. But here this guy is saying that he doesn’t like to lose 50 bucks.

Well if you don’t like to lose 50 bucks, then you should not be using any of that money. You should be using that for other things in your life. I don’t know, go try to start a business with that 300 bucks. I mean get creative. I realize 300 bucks isn’t a lot, but there’s a lot more better things that you can be doing with it than just gambling it away in the penny stock market.

So yeah, rant over. Don’t treat trading like this and if you’re somebody that’s wondering is this how trading actually works? No, this is not how serious trading looks or how serious traders treat it. If you are out there trading alone currently and maybe are in the market for looking for a community to join to assist you in your trading or to just help you, give you another set of eyeballs, then I do have a private trading community where you can trade alongside me and other experienced traders.

So what you see popping up on the screen right now is both an information link. So if you click on the inner circle one, that is gonna take you to the page where I explain all the details of what exactly come with the community, both the chatroom and the newsletter. And then the other image that has popped up is a behind the scenes tour where you can see exactly what is going to be contained within the community.

I take you through like I said a behind-the-scenes tour of everything and that way, you’ll know precisely what you are getting when you join. So definitely check that stuff out if you are interested and thinking about wanting to join a community and let me know if you have any questions.

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